AndroidX Jetpack: Navigation in Android

At Google I/O 2018, Android introduced a bunch of new components to the Android Jetpack libraries. One such library is Navigation component, designed to reduce the effort in building apps with consistent navigation flow and to reduce errors and making it easier to work fragments. Recently the Navigation Component moved from beta to stable. With […]

Upgrading to PHP 7.3

The awaited latest version of the PHP 7.3 was released on 6th December 2018. Along with 7.3 release, 4 other PHP versions were updated. 5.6.39 7.0.33 7.1.25 7.2.13 7.3.0 PHP 5.6.39 and PHP 7.0.33 are both security releases considered to be the last release in their respective branches. PHP 7.1 is now security only. Users […]

Online Safety

With the increasing use of computers in our daily life to stay safe online becomes a responsibility. The stay safe online we need to follow a few tips. But that’s not enough everyone needs to understand how our safety is exploited to safeguard ourselves. Do spare 10 mins. for reading this. How do Crackers(Black Hat […]